TRETAB Transport AB —Specialists in Shipping to Eastern and Central Europe

Our Business

TRETAB operates a transportation and forwarding business, primarily to Eastern and Central Europe with our own modern trailers as a base, to selected markets.

Engaged personnel, flexibility and an attentiveness to our customer’s needs all exemplify the TRETAB company.

TRETAB invests in competent and experienced staff and we embrace the use of modern technological solutions.


TRETAB Transport AB was founded in 1983 in Trelleborg, Sweden.

If you consider the combined experience of several of our employees that have worked many years in the sector, we have several hundred years of experience in freight forwarding.

TRETAB has worked primarily with countries of the former Eastern Europe ever since the beginning. With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 things changed radically and a huge market opened up in a new Europe without borders.

The company has grown steadily to a total of 10 employees at present. Sales in 2021 reached 137 million SEK.

We were one of the first companies in the industry, already in 1997, to receive ISO’s quality certification. In addition, since 1999 we have ISO’s environmental certification. Our certifications help us to create day-to-day order and structure and are a support for management.

Our operations have been based in Trelleborg’s old customs offices directly adjacent to the port or “gateway to the continent,” since 2018.

Company Overview

Our company overview can be downloaded here.