As a cargo carrier without our own trucks and drivers, we have a large degree of flexibility. At the same time, it entails ensuring our stakeholders’ requirements are met all the way through the supply chain. We do this through frequent supplier follow-ups, systematic reporting and review of any irregularities and visits to our suppliers. Among other things, we have produced a carrier manual where we’ve put together our stakeholders’ general requirements. 

Our three largest truck suppliers, that carry out the bulk of our hauling, have all committed to complying with the guidelines described in the Carrier Manual. Our carrier manuals can be downloaded here:


We lease our trailers from PNO Trailer Rental AB and primarily the brands Krone and Schmitz.
PNO is responsible for their maintenance, servicing, and inspection. All our trailers are equipped with GPS transmitters.

Thanks to our cooperation with PNO, we can ensure that our trailers are always in good safe driving condition and they are being used most effectively. It enables us to provide incident updates and feedback quickly to our customers via GPS monitoring.             

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Another important component of our supply chain is the Unity-Line ferry operator. We can ensure priority deliveries across the Baltic Sea without delay because we have several reserved slots on each of seven daily departures to and from Poland.

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Would you like to be a TRETAB supplier? Send us an expression of interest through our online contact form. Tell us what you have to offer and how it can improve our business. We are committed to promptly replying to your expression of interest.