About the Company

TRETAB Transport AB - The Transport & Forwarding Specialist to Easteurope.

Business Concept

TRETAB is working with transport and forwarding services, focusing on East- and Centraleurope.

TRETAB shall, with a broad and deep knowledge of this business sector, offer a complete range of transport and forwarding services, where quality and service are leadstars.

TRETAB puts a lot of energie to have highly qualified, experienced, and motivated TEAM-members. Also to use information technology - IT - as a tool to support the business processes.

Company history

TRETAB Transport AB was founded in Trelleborg 1983.

The company’s total shipping experience is “several hundred years.” - as many of the company’s employees have worked in the shipping business for quite a lot of years.

From the outset, TRETAB has worked mainly towards countries in the former Eastern Europe. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, our business conditions changed radically – an enormous market opened up in the new, borderless Europe.

TRETAB transport AB has grown steadily and now has a workforce of 10. Our sales in 2018 amounted to SEK 140 million.

Back in 1997, we became one of the first companies in the industry to be quality certified under ISO 9001. Today we have a certificate for ISO 9001:2015. We have also been environmentally certified under ISO 14001 since 1999. We have been recertified for the latest standard ISO 14001:2015.

Social engagement

We at TRETAB wants to be considered as a fair, progressive and caretaking company.

Of course we want the company to develop in a positive way concerning turnower and profit. But that is not enough for us. We want to contribute in the best way to the development of society.

We are fighting for Life as a supporter of Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

We also acts as sponsors to some local field sport teams.