Customer Satisfaction Index

For the last eighteen years, we have been measuring the service we provide to our customers in a Customer Satisfaction Index. We send a simple survey to a representative sample of customers.

This year is the third time the survey is fully Webbased. The Survey holds seventeen questions.

The results are the basis of our Total Figure, which was 86,5 % for 2019.


The survey includes nine question areas concerning Treatment, Availability, Solutions, Booking Procedures, Non-compliances, Complaints/Returns, Notification, Administrative Procedures and Punctuality.

The survey ends with two open questions, where we request comments. The questions are:

  • Can you give us your overall opinion on how we treat you as a customer?
  • How can we improve?

Summary of this year's survey 2019

  • The total index went up to 86,5 %. An increase of 0,3% units.
  • Eleven out of the seventeen questions have had a positive development and increased their numbers.
  • The answer-rate is a little bit higher this year.
  • The answer pattern and the spread in the material have remained unchanged since last year.
  • The extended number of questions brings more useful information to the survey.
  • The request for Just In Time delivery has increased during the year.
  • The wish to use IT as a tool in our cooperation has increased.