Our services

We carry out road transports with groupage, partloads and full truck loads to Eastern and Central Europe.

Our ambition is to offer tailor-made and customized transport solutions where we contribute valuable know-how in transport, freight forwarding and logistics.

Frequent departures to/from Eastern and Central Europe

We operate our own trailers to selected markets. For other markets we work with well established Partners.

We offer:

  • Daily departures for Full Truck Loads
  • One to two groupage and partload departures weekly for both exports and imports
  • The largest markets are operated and managed from Sweden
  • Short leadtime and just-in-time deliveries

ADR - Dangerous Goods

Since the start of the company, we have collaborated and cooperate with a number of companies specialized in paint and chemicals. This means that we have the knowledge, experience and equipment required to handle and transport your dangerous goods safely and properly. Applicable to all markets.

Thermo Transports

During the winter months many of our shipments are in our own Thermo box trailers. The requirement is that the goods are shipped frost free (+ 5 degrees). Together with Partners we also work with cold and freezer transport.

All transports are capable of temperature control via GPS and logging.


So called Crosstrade where either loading or unloading takes place in one of our core markets for delivery from west to east or vice versa is something that increases sharply. These transports are carried out through our extensive agent network in eastern and central Europe.

Special transports

Sometimes the goods need to arrive faster than fast. In that case, a double-driver sprinttruck can be the best option we offer.

Or, it applies to deliveries in city centers or to areas with restrictions. This often leads to solutions with backlift car.

Warehousing and distribution services

We can arrange storage for shorter or longer periods.

Possibility of customized warehouse and distribution solutions are also available. We take care of all or part of the supply chain. From main freight, warehousing to distribution. Our ambition is always to find a fast, cost-effective and reliable solution.

Import/Export declarations third country

An export declaration kan be sent by the company or by a representative. Most companies uses a representative. The advantage is among other things, that the company can to some extent make use of the representatives permission to submit these declarations.

We together with the customer take care of all handling with the declaration.

Other Services

In addition to the transport service we offer the following:

  • Cargo insurance
  • Emission calculation (environmental report)
  • Delivery and shipping statistics
  • Measurement and follow-up of delivery precision