Traffic Safety Policy

Our Traffic Safety Policy is as follows...

TRETAB Transport AB, is striving towards the highest possible level of traffic safety concerning all bought transports as well as businesstrips for all employees in order to contribute to a safer traffic environment.

We will achieve this through working with, among other things:


  • Takes an active responsibility and creates the groundwork for assignments to be carried out in the most traffic safe way.
  • Every contract with Contractors/Partners has an agreed paragraph which has to be followed, concerning the Traffic Safety Policy.
  • Ensures that all employees businesstrips are carried out in accordance with current guidelines.


  • Never to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Ensure that everyone driving for TRETAB on a regular basis is kept well-informed about the Traffic Safety Policy and the traffic rules and legislations that is at hand in Sweden.
  • Use vehicles with a high standard level on the equipment that influence the traffic safety. We are aiming at, that every vehicle that is looked at by the police “flying inspections” will come out with no remarks.
  • In cooperation plan all the transports so that they are carried out in accordance with rules and regulations concerning loading weights, driving periods and periods of rest.
  • Report violations concerning drugs, speeding, drivingperiods, periods of rest and securing of the goods to our Forwarding Manager.
  • Carries out continous follow up’s/spot tests to secure that the policy is followed in an acceptable way i.a concerning alcotests and securing of goods.
  • Together with our Contractors/Partners continously develop this Traffic Safety Policy.

Our Traffic Safety Policy is certified by RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden and meets the standards of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Revised and determined by Managing Director 2018-04-19.